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Apps Development

Turn your idea into an app, fast

Software can help you stay competitive but if you are wearing lots of hats already, managing a technical project can add a big strain. Off-the-shelf options aren’t tailored for you and custom software can feel way out of your budget. We help you stay on top of everything with a guaranteed price upfront – along with all your timings.
Code you can rely on
First, automatic code analysis tools pick up any simple mistakes – to improve the quality and security of your code. Then it’s rechecked by humans, who don’t have to waste time on typos but can concentrate on improving the experience of using your software.

Stay completely in control
You can monitor your project closely, through a simple dashboard. Make changes to your software (or add any extra features) whenever you like. Pause a project at the click of a button. And you can chat to an expert 24/7

Software as easy as ordering pizza
78% of SMB software projects fail* – crazy statistic, isn’t it? The way Media Bell works is different. We don’t start from scratch, our code is reused and perfected each time. You also get a price and timeline that will not change.

Costs and timings upfront
Build what you need on time – and stay in budget
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